Our Service

Tianrui is a specialized manufacturer of soft capsules, which integrates design, research and development, technical consultation, production, engineering installation, operation training and after-sales service. Is the domestic soft capsule industry with benchmarking technology enterprises.

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Pre-sale consultation

Tianrui company engineering technical equipment technical experts, to provide customers with the best equipment configuration scheme.

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Project design

Once the project is determined, the intelligent professional technicians take over formally, and there are regular meetings between the engineering manager, the account manager and the engineering design expert to understand each detail and obtain a final document set. the documents are used for manufacturing and site construction after review.

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Field installation and commissioning

Tianrui engineering experts and technical service engineers on-site guidance to ensure on-site installation, commissioning of high speed and high quality.

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Technical Training

Technical training:provide training programs and train operators on site or at one of our training centers.

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Maintenance services

All spare parts are digitally managed and supplied in the shortest period of time.

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Spare parts supply

Computerized management of spare parts warehouse, long-term inventory of a large number of various types of equipment. meet customer spare parts urgent need.

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Emergency maintenance

Strong technical service team, response within 3 hours, home service within 48 hours.

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Hotline consultation

Intelligent technology experts provide round-the-clock technical advice hotline service. As long as your production base is in, there are Tianrui personnel in, no matter when and where, you can get Tianrui company's dedicated service.

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Validation services

Tianrui's verification team has a team of experts with pharmaceutical industry background, deep harmony with domestic and foreign GMP regulations and guidelines, and has rich practical experience, can provide you with GMP、FDA and other verification needs of the program.